About Us

About Us

Amme Promotions came into the marketplace to fulfill the need for high quality promotional products to companies across the nation. Many of our initial customers took a chance on our small fledgling start-up. But it wasn’t long before our commitment to quality awarded respect and loyalty from everyone on our client roster.

Amme Promotions continues to deliver excellent promotional materials maintaining and expanding from that original customer base. We find it easy to keep our clients because we demand the best from our suppliers. And we find it easy to add new customers, because word has spread that with Amme Promotions, second best just won’t do.

Our staff meticulously processes orders so no details are overlooked. Production times and delivery dates are communicated to the manufacturers and then regularly reconfirmed to meet schedule. We watch the shipping agents’ progress and when the product arrives, verify that it is the superior quality you ordered.

When your promotional items arrive at your office and you see one for the first time, you will understand why we take so seriously the notion that it’s not just your logo, it’s your brand identity.

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